PowerGuru is a program for monitoring and controlling your Xantrex (Trace) and Outback Power Systems products.

The initial version of the manual, which covers the Xantrex and Outback serial protocols is here or here as a PDF. This manual is just getting started, but since people wanted the Xantrex serial protocol documentation, I figure here it is...


    PowerGuru can poll all the meters on a Xantrex or Outback product, including multiples devices, and writes the data to an SQL database.
    Remote Control
    PowerGuru enables one to remotely control the device as if you were sitting there pushing buttons yourself.
    Setup and Configuration
    PowerGuru enables you to have a default set of configuration options as a disk based file, and to set or dump this data into/from the device. This is to make the setup of new installations simpler.
    Open Source
    PowerGuru is 100% free software. For more information on the GPL, go to the Free Software Foundation web site.
    SQL Database Support
    PowerGuru uses an SQL database to store all the data from logging the devices, so you can do advanced queries and graphs.
    SNMP Support
    PowerGuru has SNMP support, so it can be easily integrated into other network administration tools like Mrtg or PHP scripts.


Under the concept that the more of us working on this the better, I thought I'd stick a few snapshots here as I hit minor milestones. This is a work in progress, and a new one at that. Much of this code has come from Abelmon, but I have to change things to make this a standalone project. I'm working on some PHP web pages to plot the data now that I can datalog it.

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