I use Open Office Calc for all my spreadsheets. I'll also try to include Excel format as well, but when in doubt, the Open Office version (*.sxc) is the best reference, as Calc sometimes saves spreadsheets in Excel with weird formatting, and non-functional functions. Open Office runs on Linux, Solaris, Windoze, and Darwin, and is open source.

These spreadsheets are a a bit rough still, but they have been very useful to me. I'll be updating these as I fine tune and enhance them.

The other software is distribured in C/C++ source form, and runs on on Linux. While these programs should run on Windoze or Darwin, your mileage may vary...

    For Linaro, I created a GPLv3'd replacement for crosstool-ng, which builds cross and native GNU toolchains for a variety of target platforms.
    Gnash is a free flash player, created by reverse engineering the Adobe SWF file player.
    GnuAE is a an alternate energy system design and sizing program. It focuses on design for the non-engineering person, with additional features for the more engineering inclided. Using GnuAE, one selects the various loads of a system, select photovoltaic panels and other componenets via menus, and
    PowerGuru is a monitoring and control program for Xantrex and Outback Power Systems products. It has a back end, designed to run on a low-power embedded inux system that does data logging to MySQL, and also offers SNMP support for remote control from scripts, the command line, GUIs, or web pages.
    AbelMon is intended to mix data logging and power monitoring to enable the software to control where the power gets distributed in this case automatically. Many things, like running heaters, pumping water into a cistern, or occasionally turning on a basement vent fan to get rid of trapped radon gas. Most diversion load systems handle only one simple relay, and have no logic behind them.
    This is a spreadsheet I use to figure out the correct wire gauge for a wiring project, given it's length, amperage, and voltage. I've recently rewritten this spreadsheet to use the values from the power spreadsheet to calculate the other wiring parameters for a PV array, plus a standalone section where you can plug in your own values. This spreadsheet is also now cranking out NEC compliant numbers, including temperature compensation for wire resistance. Here it is in Open Office Calc format, and here's a copy in MS Excel 97 format.
    This is another spreadsheet I wrote to calculate the cost of a solar system based on it's load requirements. This contains a list of power loads covering everything from light bulbs, to clothes washers. It also has a database from Several manufacturers like Real Goods which is used to calculate the costs. I've recently rewritten the entire PV database to contain more information and calculations. Here it is in Open Calc format, and here's a copy in MS Excel 97 format. This is now unmaintained, but it was a good prototype for the guts of GnuAE, which has replaced this spreadsheet. It's only included for spreadsheet hackers to play with.
    Dome 4.8
    This is a version of Richard J. Bono's Dome program, version 4.8. Although the Unix port was already done, I tweaked things to (like adding a real Makefile) so it would build on my Linux system. This program will generate a DXF or POV file, describing the geometry of a dome skin. The previous version of Dome 4.6 is here A prebuilt linux binary of 4.6 is here.
    CAD software
    This page lists the various free software packages I use for designing things. These all run on Linux.

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