I've been programming since 1977 in a multitude of languages, primarily C, C++, or assembler. Over the years I've worked on everything from super-computers and clusters, to tiny embedded consumer devices, the US Air Traffic Control system.

Software I've worked on is used by millions of people every day, often for mission critical applications. Some of the software I've worked has been included in every GNU/Linux distribution ever made. In 2011, I was given an award for the Advancement of Free Software by the Free Software Foundation.. A partial list of projects is here

Here's some of the services I can provide as a consultant.

Config/Build Infrastructure
I have huge expertise with build and test infrastructure that runs on multiple platforms. This includes decades of experience with the GNU Autotools, and other cross platform build systems like Open Embedded, Ltib, Yocto, Android, and custom systems.
Cross Compiler Toolchains
As one of the original Cygnus people working on changes to the the GNU toolchain to support cross compiling, I can make custom toolchains for a target platform relatively easily.
Software Architecture
I've both designed from scratch or re-factored dozens of applications, including several components used for Air Traffic Control, and robotics manufacturing systems.
Systems Administration
I've run a home based server for over 20 years, and have set up multiple ISPs complete network and software stack. I'm very comfortable with the entire LAMP stack, networking, and shell scripting.
Reverse Engineering
Figuring out how things work is great fun. I have highly developed skills at reading other people's code and making changes, as well as clean-room style of network protocols.
Embedded Flash
As the lead developer of Gnash, combined with my love of embedded systems, has given me much experience with making flash work on mobile devices by porting Gnash.
Remote Renewable Energy
As he owner of an off-grid house, as well as an experienced electrician who spends much time in remote areas, I have much practical experience with small remote power systems. Plus as a winter mountaineer, I can get to places for repairs most people wouldn't try.
Distributed Project Management
I've worked from my home in the Colorado Rockies for over 20 years on internationally distributed projects, and helped several large organizations with the organizational changes required to support these types of projects.
Testing Infrastructure
I am the primary author of DejaGNU, a testing framework heavily used by the GNU project to run it's regression tests, as well as being used in many universities to teach unit and regression testing.
I am available for seminars, training, consulting, or software development. I don't mind projects with a large learning curve, I'm comfortable on the bleeding edge of technology. I also have done many conference talks on a variety of subjects, including several as the keynote speaker. My full Contact information is here.

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