Solar Lab

The new
lab building I was building a state of the art, off-grid, alternate energy lab at my off grid geodesic domes near Ward, CO. This is where I planned to research some ideas I've had, and ultimately develop them into some alternate energy products. I believe that my 30+ year background in industrial automation, robotics, and embedded systems will be very useful in researching and designing alternate energy products. Unfortunately, there turns out to be no funding for this kind of project.

One of my projects was a sophisticated Linux-based load controller for alternate energy buildings. I'm convinced that most alternate energy buildings are built with a medival engineering style Photovoltaic panels ion the main living space (build it massivly overkill, and hope it's good enough). I've noticed that in my own off grid house, my batteries are fully charged by 11am, making my system "throw away" all the power from the wind generator and the photovoltaic panels for most of the day. I'm hoping that by applying modern power management techniques to the whole system design, I can create a control system that is inexpensive enough to better utilize small alternate power systems, saving about half the cost of the power generation system.

I was also working on the power management software, which I'd taken to calling AbelMon. More details on that is on this page. I've also developed some other software for off-grid domesteads, which is here. Currently this only consists of a few spreadsheets I've written to help calculate various things I use in off grid life, and a linux port of the dome program.

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