Seneca Software & Solar, Inc.

I'm a self-employed consultant & contractor with massive experience in designing, programming, building, and managing of engineering projects, especially GNU/Linux projects, or embedded systems. My home office is located high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, near the small rural town of Rollinsville which is about 25 miles west of Boulder. I am also heavily into alternative energy technologies like wind and solar. I've been a long time developer on several high-profile projects like GCC, GDB, DejaGNU, Gnash, and the Autotools. In 2011 I won the Free Software Foundation award for the advancement of Free Software. I have software that has been included in every Linux distribution ever created.

I've been programming in C/C++ since 1986, with many years working on embedded multimedia products, usually running GNU/Linux or an RTOS. I've worked on everything from the Laser printers, One Laptop Per Child, to robotics, to Air Traffic Control software. I'm used to working on and managing distributed projects, and carrying them from the concept stage to shipping a working product. I'm available for short or long term contracts.

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