Published Papers

    A Data-Centric Air Traffic Management Decision Support Tool Model James R. Murphy, Rob Savoye, and Ron Reisman
    Presented at American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Conference 2006. This paper describes the differences between a data-centered and an algorithmic design model as it applies to air traffic management software.
    Wireless Phone System: Home Power Magazine #88
    The design and maintainance of a remote solar power phone system.
    Embedded Debugging Protocols: Rob Savoye and Michael Tiemann, EE Times
    A discussion of various ways of remote debugging with GDB.

Internal NASA Research Papers

    Heterogeneous Networking
    This paper is about making the CTAS experimental Air Traffic Control system operate in a heterogeneous networking environment.
    Portable Coding Methodologies
    This paper documented the differences at that time between the various Unix/Linux operating systems, and how to write code that would run cleanly on all of them.
    The TFAS/TSWIM Prototype
    The TSWIM prototype was a test bed for exchanging information between multiple data centers, and then data mining this to detect flight deviations in real time. It was later deployed by the FAA.

Internal FAA Research Papers

    Dynamic Metering
    This paper on making the current fixed metering points be dynamic instead, and the impact this would have on computational performance.
    Integrating Weather into Air Traffic Flow
    This paper was in integrating new weather radar data into the Air Traffic Control system, and the impacts the additional network bandwidth and computational performance.

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