Dome Software Tools

Just as a note, all this software runs under Linux and X Windows. All of these also have WinDoze support as well, but as a Linux bigot, I only use Linux apps.

    CAD Software

    This is the best of the free CAD programs, and excellent for 2D work. This is the only CAD package I found that is GPL'd, and distributed as source.
    This is a commercial 3D CAD package, but their demo version is mostly fully-functional. This is a pretty well known 3D CAD package, and it can export files as POV, DXF, VRML, RenderMan, etc... I don't like the GUI however, and I find it strange in usage.
    This is another commercial 3D CAD package distributed as a demo. My main gripe is they've disabled all the other file formats, although I do like the usage of this progam, as it is optimized for architectural drawings.
    Dome 4.6
    This is a version of Richard J. Bono's Dome program, version 4.6. Although the Unix port was already done, I tweaked things to (like adding a real Makefile) so it would build on my Linux system. This program will generate a DXF or POV file, describing the geometry of a dome skin. A prebuilt linux binary is here.
    PovRay is a free rendering program that runs on many platforms, and is used by both Dome46, Cycas2, and ACAD3D to render the 3D graphics in a pretty "camera ready" form.

    Other Software

    Things I've authored
    This is a with containing all the alternate oriented software I've written. Everything is Open Source.