Poly Files

This is a collection of poly files I've made to limit the size of the files I produce. GIS is a very data intensive process. I've learned though that to have maps and other data on my phone or tablet,I need to reduce size to make the performance acceptable.

Poly files are used with the Osmosis tool, to generate subsets of OSM data. I can then further process the data to produce the right map.

  • Colorado Poly Files
  • California Poly Files
  • Wyoming Poly Files
  • Utah Poly Files
  • Fire District Boundaries Poly Files
  • Colorado Ski Area Poly Files
  • Here's an example of using a poly file with osmosis to process just the data at the Beaver Creek Ski Resort. This will produce the subset of data you want as a .osm file, which then gets imported into the database.

    osmosis --read-pbf file=/usr/local/OSM/colorado-latest.osm.pbf \
    	--bounding-polygon file=/tmp/BeaverCreek.poly \
    	--write-xml file="BeaverCreek.osm"