Alpine Quest Maps

There's a huge variety of mapping apps available for both Android amd IOS. I've tried most of them, and finally settled on Alpine Quest. Depending on one's own usage style, other apps may be better, that's up to you. But this is what I'm using now. There is a free version, and a pay version The main difference is your abiity to download maps and landmarks over the internet, which doesn't matter with these offline maps and landmarks.

I use Mobile Atlas to create custom maps in a variety of output formats. This set of Maps cover the Timberline nand Nederland Fire Districts, and includes topographics maps and high resolution satellite imagery. Also included are maps of the local hiking and biking trails.

To load these on a phone or tablet, there's a few ways. The easy way is to use whatever you normally use to transfer files. Many smartphones will act as a USB flash drive if plugged into a host computer using a USB cable. You can also remove the external MMC card, sitck that in a host computer, and transfer the files that way. I create a top level directory on my external MMC card, and then configure AlpineQuest to load those files from the card.

Here's a few maps

To use the maps, go to the Settings, and there's a menu item for offline maps. Set the directory where you copied the maps. The when you touch the maps icon on the lower left of the screen, touch Available Maps. All three maps will be there, and this is also how yoy switch from a topographics map to a satellite image.